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voynov: -voin de voin?what kind of code-ism is that?
voin de voin: -it..s nothing but a strategy! it..s a self-adaptation of the "other" me, like the "ethic " of the is a particle that speaks of the impossible cross road of west and the east in me!or u can look at it also as a spell ,or mantra that you can chant..;try it yourself...
voynov: -so what happend to voynov? -
voynov is a constant.he..s always there.even on papers.and i..m very very proud of having that name!infact it has a funny history.velko one of my ancestors,and as you know..;he was one of the first man in osman bulgaria,to organise men(cheti)to fight against the slavery! even more...theres one more person in my family,im really proud of..;anka voinova,she was an actress in the plovdiv theatre,and when the nazis came to bulgaria,she stood up making a one man protest ,,, for them to get the f........k out of here... she got killed... to demonstrate what you should not do!
voynov: -so is the spirit of voin left in you?
voin de voin: -it..s hard to tell, times had drastically changes, we are all rebel without a cause, every body is worshipping the cash distributor..;
voynov: so you a coward then?or a victim of capitalism?
voin de voin: -well,your judgment is hard,but yeah in one way or another we all are part of system,that eats it..s own a virus or desese that spread but eventually kills itself too!that..s capitalism,but certainly not a victim,that would have been too easy..;also i make no cash,but still doing what im doing,with or withour it!!!staying fidel to your ideas is the only way out of it!sounds old fashioned, but i am!
voynov: -so what are been buisy with?
voin de voin been messing around with academical studies since a while!ive studied visual art, dance, film and just finishing my master in performance arts! so it..s the only field of art that actually allows me freely to flux and mix all those things..;
voynov: -what exactly is performance art?
voin de voin -it..s tradition is not so emerged in the 60..s.also know as "body art",but i find a close connection to other movements of that period like:HAPPENINGS,FLUXUS,ACTIONISM and even further back to DADAISM.
voynov: -how performance art is different from theatre?
-it..s real differents for me,lies in the way an idea or text is performed or executed!for example theatre encourages a certain perfection or gesture or speach,where in performance you play with other are constantly dealing with idea of failure and self doubt..;performance is asking also the spectator to react differntly,as an audience you are often active,,,looking for the moments of split and rapture.the "live moment" is a provider of a true state...and it could be basically on any topic!that..s what exits me in performance..;you are way too vulnerable and the course of your show it..s not always about being success!!!actually all those pre conceptions doesn..t exist in performance arts!it could be looked as a notation or score that write itself while going along!!!
voynov -so what is your current practice?
voin de voin: -well,making art this days is very much about making a selection,choices,putting things together in new ways, a compilation of thoughts .less about product,but pointing out problematic connections and relations to society!
voynov: -what is your current project?
voin de voin: just compleated a sequence short acts piece based of french philosopher alain badiou,but i won..t be getting into that now..;however those acts are a respond of the four domains that "truth" can, politcs ,science and love!!! apart of that i..m curating the performance programation for the 2nd dutch fashion bienalle,which will happend in june in arnhem,holland!it..s exiting ,becouse i can focus on a specific gender of performance:musical performances!it..s like visual music or i also call it physical music!this selection i..m making looks deeper into the development of the eye"zeit"in an era of jack ass and genetically modified food!!! invited artists like kap bambino,la chatte,alice suice,max factory,ivo dimchev,kangaroo productions!you can all check them on myspace!!!hahah it..s like having all your family on the samer dinner table-i love that!
voynov: - so voin,one last thing you..d like to say to the reader of "edno"
voin de voin -don..t belive anyone who tell you that internet repaced god!!!

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