120 minutes to para dice 2013

Noctem Ancelle Bellocampo et Voin de Voin reperiendam sanitatem conceptibus et instanti mystica.
Ein Abend mit Ancelle Beauchamp und Voin de Voin über Heilskonzepte und Instant-Mysticism.
An evening with Ancelle Beauchamp and Voin de Voin on concepts of Salvation and Instant-Mysticism.

We offer the audience a trip to follow our methodological approach referred to All-chemy, in order to create and deliver a living system for the newborn sun.

»Turn on, Tune in, Drop out!« (Timothy Leary);
»The Brain is the Screen.« (Gilles Deleuze);
»Synapsenwald, rausche! Strukturformel, tanze! Essenz, rotiere! Oh Kontrolle, komm und weiche!« (Ancelle Beauchamp)

As part of the photographic series- All you can feel,
by Sarah Shoenfeld

soundscape- Vincent Carpentier